Vegetarian Pantry Pack

Vegetarian Pantry Pack

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A selection of vegetarian fresh produce, home-cooked meals ready to heat and pantry staples for your kitchen. 

Fresh Vegetarian Pantry Pack Includes:
Your choice of 3 home-cooked meals ready to heat (each meal serves 2) Enter your preference in the delivery instructions field on the next page.
Your choice of 2 home-cooked  sauces ready to heat (each sauce 2 serves)
500gr granola
500gr natural yoghurt
200gr compote
6 x eggs
250gr butter
250gr marinated tofu
250gr semi-dried tomatoes
250gr hummus
200gr tasty cheese
125gr Brie
500gr penne
500gr rice
2L milk
1 x 680gr white sliced loaf
1 x 680gr multigrain sliced loaf
1 x small fruit and veg produce box (refer to the small fruit and veg produce box for inclusions)

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